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Oct. 23- Des Moines 

Oct. 24- Lawrence KS 

Oct. 25- Tulsa 

Oct. 26- Dallas

Oct. 27- Austin TX 

Oct. 28- Midland TX

Oct. 29- Las Cruces NM-  available

Oct. 30- Tucson 

Oct. 31- Phoenix 

Nov. 1- L.A. – Laundry Day

Nov. 2- L.A. 

Nov. 3- San Diego

Nov. 4- Prescott  AZ 

Nov. 5- Albuquerque 

Nov. 6- Colorado Springs –  & Daylight Savings Time!

Nov. 7- Kearney  NE 

Nov. 8- Lincoln –  & Don’t Forget to Vote!

Nov. 9- Travel Day???

Nov.10- St. Paul 

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“This activity is made possible in part by the voters of Minnesota through a grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, thanks to appropriations from The McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Legislature’s general and arts and cultural heritage funds.”


Photo by Sean Smuda

Photo by Sean Smuda

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