2016-04-02 23.28.43Coming Soon:

May 1st 6:00 pm at Teatro Zuccone

with Big Science as part of:


Saturday May 21 – 6 pm at the Hack Factory, MInneapolis for Minne Make Faire


August 12-14 Indianapolis


August Tour:

St. Paul- 8/3 booked
Chicago- 8/4 booked
Grand Rapids- 8/5 booked
Cleveland- 8/6 booked
Buffalo- 8/7 booked
Erie- 8/8 open
Pittsburgh- 8/9 open
Columbus- 8/10 booked
Cincinnati- 8/11open
Indianapolis- 8/12 booked
Louisville- 8/13 open
Chicago- 8/14 open
Minneapolis- 8/15 booked


Inferior Planets Double 7″ Vinyl

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THANK YOU to everyone who contributed!!
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